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You know this trade. Am grateful for your expert work, and quick resolution of disputed credit items. Always a pleasure.


“Good afternoon Ron, thank you for the update.

My answer is that I would like to continue service. You and the team have done excellent work for me and it has made a tremendous difference over the course of the year.”

Sky Donovan


“Wow, that’s awesome. Great work, glad I called you and didn’t file bankruptcy!”

Owen T.


“After several years of trying to clean up his credit report on our own, my husband and I were referred to Credit Team USA by a mortgage banker friend of ours. Ron B. went over my husband’s credit reports with a fine tooth comb and took a detailed history everything that had transpired since several of the items were reported. Within only a couple of weeks of working with Ron, we have already seen significant improvements in his credit score (100+ points on one report alone). If these are the only improvements we see, we will consider this money well spent. But Ron has assured us that he is not done working on our behalf. We feel like such an immense weight has been lifted–I only wish someone had told us about Credit Team USA sooner.”

Robert R.


“If youre on the fence on a place to choose, this is for sure the one.”

Tiffany Naylor


“I was able to not worry about my credit and focus on my family and work!”

Kenneth Johnson


“Fast, affordable and delivered what he promised.”

Mark Garcia



You are awesome. I like working with you and your team. You guys get things done”

Best regards,


“Ron. You have done a great job for Kirk and I over the past few months and have delivered on what you said you would do to increase our credit scores. We cannot thank you enough! Not only have we sent you referrals but we will continue to send you anyone who needs credit repair from a company who has shown us integrity and professionalism since day one.

Again, thanks for everything….please feel free to use my first paragraph as a review for your services. Take care,
Tina Adams”

6/16 5/5 Star Rating
Roy Araya
“Profesional services. Ron was knowledgeable. He guided me, educated me. Totally 180 degree changes on my scores. Now my scores are over 740. Great job. Fast, affordable and delivered what he promised.
Excelente trabajo.”

4 months ago 5/5 Star Rating
I have been working with credit team since 2005, they dramatically improved my credit over the years from 490-500, when I first starting working with them, to 780-795 in 2011-2012. I still currently use their service regularly!!

A King

6 months ago 5/5 Star Rating
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I called and got all the answers I needed help with. I would highly recommend if you are having any credit problems or need help with building your credit back up get in contact with Credit Team USA.

C Preuss

Alexis Marie

October 22/15 at 11:28am

I wanted to take a second and write a amazing review I have been working with this credit team since 2012! I was scared at first because I needed a business who would help repair my credit but not get scammed! So I took my chances and seriously it was the best thing I have ever done! They have totally worked with me and what needed to be done to my credit to fix it so I could move forward with my career (student loans ) and also be able to buy a house in the future for my family! I have never been so please with my credit score in my life and I owe it all to them! They give the best advice as to which credit cards to open! Also helped me remove a bunch of dings that were not suppose to be on my credit report! Thank you again for all the help and great costumer service each one of you have given me especially Billie Jean! Thank you again! Almost 5 years later and my credit is amazing ! I totally will recommend your team to anyone who may need help!!!

Cassi G. K.

May 29/15 at 3:17pm

Awesome service from these folks! They helped my credit so much that I am now currently buying a house! Thanks again!

July 16th/15 at 2:31pm

“Satisfied Customer Speaks”

Hello, Just wanted to thank you in your speedy response to repair my credit and get me in my dream home! I am super excited about your progress, and we will be calling again for your services on behalf of my husband. Faxing documents you requested now.
Thank you in advance again Mr. Mitch

Billiejean and the Credit team helped us to re-establish credit by guiding us in the right direction we increased our credit score from 700 to 778. It may not seem like a lot but when it comes to financing a home it can improve the interest rate and lower the monthly payment substantially. Defiantly worth the money. 2/17/15

Patty G.‎ to Credit Team USA

January 16 · San Jose, CA ·

Thank goodness for credit Team USA – Going up against Ocwen Loan Servicing who falsely put late charges on my credit even against the judges orders! Credit Team has worked tirelessly to help me clean this mess up. Thanks you Credit Team USA – I highly recommend you!

I would just like to say what a wonderful job that billejean has done for me. 8 months ago my credit was in the low 500s. Now 8 months later my credit is over 640s and i am preapproved to purchase my first house. Without the help of this angle sent from heaven i would not be where i am at this current time and it means the world to me. Now i can buy a house that my wife, kids and myself can call home. Thanks a bunch Billejean with credit team! 5/6/14

Hi Ron. I appreciate so much all of the help you have given me over the last few years, and all the efforts you have put into improving my credit rating. I think I am in fairly good shape right now. Thank you again for all your work. Susan 10-06-2011

Thank you so much, my credit is fixed! You did a great job! – Jessica S. 12/06/2010

Hello Ron, getting some great results from your company and I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. Just referred a client to you, Derick (last name removed). (Sent 12/07/2010).- Adam M

Ron – I want to personally thank you for all that you do for my clients. Your team’s efforts have made it possible for Lance to purchase a home under these stringent underwriting guidelines that we are experiencing. Thank you! – Zoa, Knight Financial, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist [CMPSR]

Ron- We just received the latest info from Equifax. Good work!!!! It looks, from the info that I have from them, that you have gotten all of those pesky tax liens that were paid decades ago finally removed. We tried to do it ourselves, got all of the documentation and STILL they got it wrong! With the exception of the CB USA Sears thing on Equifax everything looks great. You nailed all of the stuff on Experian and Transunion. Thanks! Again, thanks for all of the work you’ve done. We look forward to hearing from yall when you get the last wrinkle ironed out. We are chomping at the bit to invest in some property and look forward to being able to get credit so that we can take advantage of the slow real estate market. – Jo

Thanks for your help. I just got my house refinanced. The mortgage broker said she had never seen a credit score so high, so soom after bankruptcy. Great work! – Jim

I am writing today to say thank you to Credit Team for helping change my credit scoring. I was so upset to find out that my credit was blemished. Thank you for your professionalism and sensitivity. – Raina

Sam and I are delighted to know there is a good outlook on our credit history. You?ve given us results and insight for our credit future. Thank you. – Amanda

Thanks for your great work! My credit rating went from 615 to 730 (average on the three reports). This was achieved in a timely fashion; therefore I got the best loan rate. If you ever need a recommendation or testimonial, I?m your guy! – Dennis

I just want to drop you a note to express my heartfelt thanks for your work on my credit reports. Credit Team has been a blessing; an answer to prayer! Honestly, that?s exactly how I feel and you have given me back my dignity and credibility! Over the past 15 years I have twice paid for services from other companies to improve my credit history. They couldn?t or didn?t help me. I began to think it was hopeless. I was unsure when I came to you. However, after speaking with you the first time I was reassured and the rest is history. I have recently secured a commercial loan to expand my business and I?m telling everyone what you?ve done for me! Warmest Regards. – Steven

Our desire was to purchase a home. We could qualify for a loan however, because of our past credit history, we would pay a very high interest rate. We thought we would never be able to buy a home, until we found out about Credit Team. We filled out the paperwork from Credit Team and got the ball rolling. Now, we are the proud owners of a beautiful home. The Credit Team program works and you will be satisfied with the outcome. Thank you Credit Team for all that you did for us!!! – Brian and Lynn

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Credit Team for all your efforts. They say the American Dream starts with ?good credit? and a ?credit card?. Statistically however, many Americans lose their American Dream due to credit circumstances and I was on of those Americans. Thanks to you I am regaining the American Dream. When I started with your program I had more dings on my credit reports than scratches on my car. You have worked diligently to smooth out many of the dings by upgrading negatives or removing them completely. Thank you! – Jay

I have found the services of Credit Team to be outstanding and invaluable. Credit reporting agencies are unresponsive. You must use very specific language and procedures to communicate with them at all. Experience with their procedures is all-important and Credit Team is able to get results. They helped me greatly. – Richard

I?ve gone from not being able to purchase anything on credit to securing a mortgage for over 200K with a good interest rate. I?ve also recently leased a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Thanks again for the terrific job and I will continue referring as many people to you as possible!!! – Wilson

Some names have been changed and statements have been paraphrased to shorten them. Copies of original testimonials kept on file.