1. Eliminate or lower your unsecured debt.
By lowering your balances on unsecured revolving debt the system rating your scores will assume you are a good risk. Thereby, your scores will increase, as long as the balances are updated on the credit reports.

2. Pay Your Bills on Time- (avoid 30 day late payments)
Let it be noted…pay a bill late will not lower your credit score unless it’s paid more than 30 days late. However, most lending will charge you a late fee. One of the main strategy’s to a better credit rating is simply paying your bills that show up on your credit reports timely.

3. Leave aged credit cards and credit lines open
Some people believe that positive old debt is costing them points. Further, I’ve had clients tell me they thought closing old aged accounts that are not being used much should be closed. However, aged credit can help raise your credit scores. If the accounts are not costing you any fees to keep open, keep them open. Good debt… debt that you’ve handled well and paid as agree… is good for your credit. The longer your history of good debt is, the better it is for your score.
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