(Tips to Fix Your Credit Score)

Many know the basics and fundamentals to keeping a positive credit history going, many don’t know where to start. Whether you’re one or the other doesn’t matter, slip ups happen. Many negative statements found on one’s credit report have nothing to do with what knowledge is known or not known, it simply has to do with accidental unmade moves, or even moves that are complete mistakes and aren’t in your hands.

Late payments have a big impact on your credit scores. Payment history can be crucial to maintaining a higher and steady credit score. Where problems can occur are starting on that first 30 day late payment that could come from an old credit card or something in use that you may have just forgotten about. Medical collections are also a common occurrence in going into collections because the outside billing used. A bill can be sent via mail from a source unknown in a different location you’ve never interacted with and can be sent to the trash, thus a bill never being paid and sent to collections.

There are a bunch of different factors and reasoning for staying on top of your credit history. Odds are if you haven’t checked your credit in a few years there could be something on there damaging your credit score. If you are unsure of what could be reporting or never have checked your credit reporting history yourself, give one of our Credit Repair Specialist at Credit Team USA a call to discuss what’s on your credit reports and what Credit Team USA can do to help restore your credit reports.

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