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Many of us don’t know or are confused about how the whole credit world works. In this day and age you want to be able to provide yourself with what you need at any time. One of the biggest parts of this is keeping a constant flow of good credit history. But like most people, achieving this is something we don’t even understand. There are a high percentage of layman consumers who have some incorrect information and understanding about how something such as a collection or inquiry will affect their credit history and overall credit scores.

Debunking the myths:

Here are some basic outlines and tips for improving your credit, helping your overall credit and or raising your credit scores.

-First off, how will inquiries affect my credit?
Though an inquiry can affect your credit score it really doesn’t play a big role unless you have a voluminous amount of credit inquires. The myth affecting your score and credit reports exactly 5 points is definitely not something set in stone as there are multiply factors that come into play. However, with that said, don’t let anyone pull your credit unless it’s important that you obtain the specific credit that involves someone pulling your reports.

-Where I live is affecting my credit?
No, where you live has no accountability on the manner of your credit score. If you live in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or remote areas such as Medford OR. These circumstances play no role; that simple. You control the flow; managing and staying on top of your credit and controlling your overall debt load ratio will improve your credit scores.

-Parking tickets don’t adversely affect your credit rating!
Let it be noted, parking tickets can play a role in lowering your credit scores. In most cases parking tickets are turned over to various collection companies who in turn report such status on your credit reports. However, properly challenged such adverse information can be deleted from your reports as well.

-Do credit repair companies hurt or help?
There is a lot of news on credit repair companies being scams and running away with your money. Though some of this information is true it’s important to understand it does not apply to all of them. Actually, having an expert help consult you on what you need to do specifically to improve your credit can be the best thing financially you can do for yourself. If you need help as well with getting collections, late payments, or false information deleted or updated then a professional hand can be very helpful. We at Credit Team USA have been helping people repair credit their credit reports since 1997. Further, we have been top leaders in educating our customers what they can do to help with their credit repair process as well. So take action today and give us a call so we can discuss what can be done to help with your Credit Repair Process.

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