Fix My Credit-Seattle WA, San Francisco CA, Los Angeles CA

Many Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles residents are having their credit scores drop by collections coming from parking tickets they had no idea of. Let it be noted, your unpaid parking tickets will affect your credit scores. In 2013 in Seattle Washington there were millions in unpaid parking tickets and consumers were unaware of many of them. Moreover, consumers are unaware of how their credit could be adversely affected by these unpaid tickets turning into collections and hurting their credit scores.  In Seattle WA, 8/10 unpaid ticket violators are from Seattle showing that Seattle could be the top leader in collections from parking tickets. The thinking is, most consumers are unaware these tickets will go into collection, thereby adversely affecting their credit scores. The longer you have these tickets unpaid the more likely they are to go into collection thus damaging and lowering your credit scores. If you already think you have an overdue unpaid ticket that is reporting on your credit reports please give us a call.  Credit Team USA can help with FIXING YOUR CREDIT and all your credit repair needs.

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