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1. Do not cancel inactive credit cards. As the cards age it will help raise your credit scores, because FICO weighs length of history at or around 10% of your credit scores. Let it be noted, once you open an account the damage is done in regards to adversely affecting your score for having an open account.

2. Applying for credit and obtaining a hard inquiry will cost you points and lower your credit scores. Thereby, be strategic when applying for new credit.

3. Your unsecured debt weighs heavily on your over all credit scores. FICO weighs around 30% + of your overall credit scores based upon your debt to limit ratio. Try and keep your unsecured debt at 30% or less of your high credit on each account. In example, if your credit limit is $1,000 work on keeping the balance at or below $300 in order to obtain your highest credit scores.

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